Multiple Blue Rings

Valorant Patch Notes 5.0 7 Updates


Opened a cubby here to make it easier for Attacking side to hold against Defender aggression from both directions.

Currently there are 2.4m vehicles on the road with some level of automation.

Space here tightened slightly to make smoking this spot easier. A small corner has also been removed to simplify attempts to re-clear the site.

Removed a small cubby to slightly simplify those retakes.

Improved movement and simplified the space in A Halls by removing a corner.

A minor simplification of the space as part of the overall changes to the surrounding areas.

The dish is intact but removed the far path to make moving through this space more direct for both sides. We found trying to watch/control these spaces simultaneously was unnecessarily difficult for all. The team hopes the changes here and on A Drop will encourage everyone to use this route more often.

The drop down is no longer a 50/50 check when entering, which should make it a little more appealing as a way for Attackers to squeeze A site from two sides.

This path has been a little too easy for Attackers to control with a single smoke. The adjustments should give Defenders more options for both the initial hold and retaking A. Watch your step.